Benefits of Using Smart DNS

Benefits of Using Smart DNS

Smart Domain Name Server or Smart DNS is a technology that allows internet users to access blocked websites changing their DNS settings. Most commonly, this technology allows the users to unblock websites that contain restricted content. It is more of a service provided online for managing physical location. For example, there are certain websites that are accessible in specific locations only. Using Smart DNS, you can access those websites. Smart DNS proxy changes the location of your computer or device with that of the website. In other words, it translates the network address to website address and vice versa.

Sometimes Smart DNS is confused with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). However, both are very different from each other and have their own unique features. A VPN changes the actual IP address and encrypts the data by passing your connection through another server, which is why it is a bit slower than Smart DNS.

Smart DNS is only used to unblock regional blocked websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora etc. but it does not route through a third-party server like a VPN does, hence the reason it is faster. It should be identical to whatever speed you’re currently getting on the network you are on. It shouldn’t make it any faster or slower when using Smart DNS. If it is slower, then something is wrong.

How Smart DNS Works?

Before we move into the details and benefits of Smart DNS, we should first know how Smart DNS works. It works by simply changing the DNS of your device. When your device tries to access regionally-blocked content from websites like Netflix and others, Smart DNS changes your proxy server and redirects to a dedicated server that recognizes the device as being within the geographical limits and allows access to the content. This means you will be able to view content that has been geo-blocked from your home country.

Benefits of Smart DNS

Here we will discuss some of the best benefits of using Smart DNS.

Legal Service

Smart DNS is 100% legal in countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, and most others. Of course, there are some exceptions like Iran, North Korea, and Syria where the use of Smart DNS is not legal. However, the number of such countries is very small. You can always check your local rules and regulations to see if the use of Smart DNS is legal in your country.

Easy to Use

In order to use Smart DNS, you don’t need to have to have any technical knowledge. It is not rocket science but a simple service that allows you to access restricted websites. All you have to do is sign up for a Smart DNS service (Overplay is a popular Smart DNS and starts at about $4/month) and choose which streaming services you want to use with Smart DNS.

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It is as simple as that. Moreover, it is compatible with most devices so you don’t have to worry about buying new equipment in order to use the service. It will just take a few minutes to set up a Smart DNS proxy and you will be ready to go. Smart DNS is the smart choice that gives you ease of mind and easy access to restricted content.

Fast Service

VPN and other proxy services are encrypted which means that the added level of security and having to pass through an extra server to get to its ultimate destination will make them slower than Smart DNS. However, Smart DNS service does not have that same level of encryption, so you should be getting the same level of connection speed as you always get when you connect to the internet. It is the fast speed that makes it stand out from the rest of the proxy options. Smart DNS does not put any restriction on your speed and makes your connection work as fast as it is.

Works with Most Devices

One of the best benefits of Smart DNS service is that it can be used with essentially any device. Any device that can be connected to the internet can be used with Smart DNS service. Be it a laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or a smartphone, Smart DNS can be easily used. You don’t necessarily have to have a Wi-Fi connection; if you want, you can use it with the mobile internet (3G/4G) as well.

Overcome Censorship in Your Country

The purpose of Smart DNS is also a major benefit as well. Censorship is a restriction on our freedoms. Here in the United States, our government always tells us how free we are, yet they censor nudity, curse words, and anything that goes against them. Now, the big thing is to call everything that you don’t agree with, fake news. They impose ridiculous laws to benefit themselves. They tell us we have freedom of speech but then arrest us for speaking out. We are merely pawns of the government.

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We are living in an age when everyone should have the freedom of speech and access to everything. Blocking streaming websites is a serious violation of rights. These companies that block their services in certain countries are just as bad as the governments they pay taxes to. Smart DNS gives access to blocked streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu. Using Smart DNS, you can get past all the censorship and get access to information anytime and anywhere using your computer or mobile phone.

Ability to Connect with Public Connections

Another reason to use Smart DNS is the fact that you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. You can use Smart DNS with public networks easily. Smart DNS obscures your location, however, anyone having the skills can figure out your location and IP address, if they really wanted to. This is one way Smart DNS is inferior to VPN. As we spoke about earlier, you are missing that extra layer of encryption that a VPN provides.

Incredibly Affordable Service

Smart DNS is very economical. No matter which service provider you choose, the services are typically under $5/month. If you sing up for a year or two, you can likely get that to $3 – $4. Some service providers also offer Smart DNS with VPN which is the most secure and fast. As mentioned earlier, Overplay is one that offers Smart DNS + VPN together to get the best of both worlds.

Safer than Random Proxy Servers

Anyone who claims that free proxy servers are safe and/or reliable are just plain wrong. I have used these before. The connection goes out constantly and they are completely unreliable. A hacker with any small amount of skill could hack these. Your connection records are also likely being logged by the proxy servers, so there is always a digital footprint. This includes usernames and passwords which can be seen by the people re-routing the traffic through the proxy server. This is the reason why you need to use Smart DNS. It is a safe and reliable option to browse and surf the internet for video streaming sites. If you want ultimate safety and anonymity, I would suggest using a VPN instead of Smart DNS

Best Option to Access the Internet Safely

Smart DNS is not necessarily the best option to browse the internet safely. I am not saying it is unsafe either. It as safe as whatever network is that you are connected to. There is still potentially a danger of anyone stealing your information and exploiting it. Although, there is that chance literally every single time you connect to your home network. I would avoid public wifi completely, but if you must use it, I would recommend using a VPN on your phone to at least hide your connection avoid any hackers that may be trying to steal data on that public network.

Ideal for Expats and Business Travelers

Expats, tourists, and business travelers don’t want to miss out on their favorite shows. When they are in a country where some streaming websites are blocked, they want something that can help them get access to their favorite TV shows. Smart DNS is ideal for such people who are away from their hometown and want to view all the videos they want. Moreover, it also provides access to any app or website that is regional blocked.

I know from when I was in Germany recently, I was unable to use US Netflix and Amazon Prime Video only had some of the usual shows I watch, but not everything. Once I logged into my Smart DNS, I had no troubles whatsoever.

Access to Social Media Websites

There are some countries that have blocked certain social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. China has completely blocked Facebook. Using Smart DNS, you can get in touch with your friends, family, and other loved ones. Furthermore, you will be able to view videos on YouTube easily without any disruption. The fast buffering of the videos is something that makes Smart DNS so great.

These are some of the best benefits of using Smart DNS. It is highly recommended to use this service or something similar, especially if you are visiting another country and want to watch your usual TV shows. Once you sign up for Smart DNS, you will see for yourself what makes this service worth the money.

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