How to Install VyprVPN on Amazon Firestick

How to Install VyprVPN on Amazon Firestick

So you are aware, if you have not purchased VyprVPN yet, you will not be able to finish this tutorial.

I have also written a comparison of the best VPN for Kodi and Firestick/Fire TV

There is not a lot of information out there on how to install and set up VyprVPN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick so i figured I would create a tutorial. I created a very similar tutorial for NordVPN and the Firestick which has been extremely helpful to a lot of people, so why not do the same for VyprVPN.

Vypr VPN has a native Android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store, but it wasn’t specifically built to be used on the Firestick. So, here is a little tutorial that will help you get a very solid VPN up and running on your Fire TV stick. If you don’t have VyprVPN yet, you can click here to sign up and get 3 months free.. It’s only $3.75/month for the one-year plan if you use that link for three months free and they have a 3-day free trial which is pretty cool, so in case you are struggling to set it up for some reason, you can always just cancel. But with this tutorial, you should have no issues.

I assume most people are here to use this VPN for Kodi, which Vypr VPN is perfect for because it is so secure. But it is also great if you watch other things on your Fire TV Stick like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video which have geo-restricted content. That is what I personally use it for and highly recommend a VPN.

It is happening a lot in the UK and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before they begin cracking down here in the United States and everywhere else across the world. Don’t pay thousands of dollars in fines when you can pay $5/month or less to be safe.

So, without further ado, here is how to install Vypr VPN on Kodi and FireStick/Fire TV

Tools Needed to Complete This Tutorial:

  1. Amazon Firestick or Fire TV
  2. Android Phone (If you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend — iPhone will not work for this)
  3. Connection to the Internet
  4. VyprVPN Subscription

The first thing you need to do is set up your firestick to be able to accept applications from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Device > Developer Options. This will allow you to download applications and send applications from your phone to your firestick in a few minutes.

On your Amazon Firestick/TV – go to Search and type “Es file” then navigate to the word and select it to search it.

Download the app ES File Explorer to your firestick. You do not need to open the application yet, just download and install it.

Next, get your Android Phone out and go to the Play Store. Here, you want to download three different applications.

  1. OpenVPN for Android
  2. Apps2Fire
  3. Es File Explorer

Next step is to open “Apps2Fire” and find setup on the top menu. You may need to scroll to the right a little bit to find it.


This is where you need to put your Firestick IP address into the field. In order to find your IP Address, go to your Firestick and navigate to Settings > Device > About > Network and you should see your IP Address there looking something like this. it will be the number in this type of format ###.###.###.### – You may not have 12 numbers but it will be 4 groups of numbers separated by periods.

firestick find ip address


After entering this IP into Apps2Fire setup, you are now able to send the app you downloaded earlier from your phone to the firestick.

On the top navigation menu of Apps2Fire, find Local Apps all the way to the left. Find Open VPN for Android, then click it to install it which will automatically install it on your firestick. If you want to check to make sure it installed on your fire tv stick, you can verify it in Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Don’t worry about going to it at this point, you only need to verify that it installed correctly.

Now, on your Android phone, click this link to automatically download a zip folder containing the configuration files you will need. You need to unzip it. With Android phone it’s simple. simply click unzip at the top right when you navigate to the folder. If you don’t know how to find the file folder, go to Apps > My Files > Internal Storage > Downloads and it should be there.

After you unzip it, you will have two folders inside the main folder “OpenVPN160” and “OpenVPN256”. The  160 and 256 correspond to the encryption level, the higher the number, the more encrypted it is. You might as well select the 256-bit encryption and then search for your country/city that is closest to you. I chose OpenVPN256 > USA – Miami.ovpn because it is closest to me in Tampa.

Next, go to ES File Explorer on both your Android phone and your firestick. For the phone, it will be in your “Apps” section and for the Firestick, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > ES File Explorer.

Next, please open ES File Explorer on both devices, phone and firestick. For the firestick, ES File Explorer will be under Manage Installed Applications where you just saw Open VPN was installed.

On your Android phone and inside the ES File Explorer application, click the menu at the top left and go to Local > Download as shown in the image below.

The server config files folder you downloaded moments ago from the link should be there in the top left corner. Click the folder, then click either 160 or 256 folder and find the file for the country/city that you selected a moment ago. Long press this (press and hold) to select it. Then down in the bottom right, click “More” with the three dots and then click “Send”. It will tell you to enter a name. This doesn’t matter, just click OK on the default which for me is ESuser.

set up and install vyprvpn on firestck


Before doing this next step, make sure ES File Explorer is open on your firestick. If it is, then proceed.

ES File will begin searching your network for another device. It should find your Amazon Firestick. My firestick is labeled AFTM. Click on AFTM or whatever yours is named. Then, look at your TV screen and a confirmation message should show up. Click OK on the TV to download the file from your Android phone. Once it is downloaded, you may exit ES File Explorer on the TV.

You no longer need your phone for anything, well unless you are reading this article on your phone.

On the Firestick, go back to Manage Installed Applications and Click on “OpenVPN for Android”.

At the top rght of the application there should be a small down-arrow icon. Click this for downloads.

If the “open from” dialog menu doesn’t open up immediately, click the menu on the top left and click internal storage. Your config file should be there. If it isn’t you may have saved it in a weird, so click on ES File Explorer, which is right under Internal Storage and find the file in the folder you saved it in. Again, it should automatically go into internal storage.

Now just click the file to begin the process and you may need to click the checkmark at the top right after it asks you to name your configuration. Go back to the opening screen of “OpenVPN for Android” and click profiles and then click on your VPN config file. You will need to login to your VyprVPN account once you click on your profile that you just created.

You may want to go to Settings at the top and check the boxes to automatically “Connect on Boot” and anything else you may want.

After that you should be connected and good to go. A notification will likely pop up on your scren saying you are connected at whatever IP address you chose on the config file. Enjoy!


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