Mac vs Windows PC | Which is better for you?

Mac vs Windows PC | Which is better for you?

How to Decide Between a Mac and a Windows PC

Are you thinking of buying a computer, but confused between Mac and a PC? Well, you are not alone, there are thousands of people who are not sure which one to buy. The PC and Mac users have been at war for many years. This is a challenging decision that you have to make diligently. Both of the platforms offer a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. The final decision of buying depends on various factors. In this article, we will talk about both Mac and Windows PC in detail.

Let’s have a look at which system is a better choice for you.

Who Started First?

The first computer with Graphical User Interface (GUI) was introduced by Apple Macintosh in the year 1984. It was a year later that Microsoft announced the Microsoft Windows. Until the late 1980s, Apple was selling them successfully. In the 1990s, a change in the market trend was visible and people began to shift to IBM PC. Soon, the Windows took over the PC market and in 2009, it was reported that the market share of Microsoft was 91%.

Moreover, it is no surprise that Microsoft is leading the market of operating systems. The main reason behind their success is its compatibility with plenty of hardware and brands like IBM, Sony, Dell, HP, and many more. This is because Microsoft wanted to capture the market share. So, it sold its operating system to different companies that allowed for the vast distribution of the Windows.

On the other hand, the operating software of Apple is designed to be compatible with its own hardware. The hardware and software of Apple have a close integration. This means that operating software can only run on Apple products.

Deciding When to Use a Mac and Windows

The most frequently asked question is whether to buy a Mac or Windows PC. The best answer to this question is that it depends on what you need it for.

If you need it for editing videos or graphic designing, you should use Mac. For most other tasks, it is better to spend on Windows PC. Most of the people need a laptop or PC for checking their email, web browsing or watching videos. All of these activities don’t require a powerful machine and can buy a low-cost Windows PC to perform their tasks adequately. It is the reason for the increased popularity of netbook.

Your decision is dependent on your needs and requirements. There are many people, who say they own a Mac because they like the image that goes with it. I know from firsthand experience that the picture on Mac is almost always much higher quality than that of most every Windows PC. Most of these people are not even aware of its full capabilities. So, for having a better understanding, we have listed the situations and the best product to be used in that situation.

Perfect for Creatives and Designers

There is no secret that Mac is trendier and cooler. It is great for designers because Apple has introduced plenty of applications for creativity and designing. Another reason is that Macs are considered as premium quality computers. Along with this Mac has built up an image of the best alternate choice. So, it makes a perfect choice for those you want to stand out from the rest. From my personal experience living in San Francisco while learning web development, nearly every developer around there (at least that I saw), including myself, uses a Mac and considers it a superior operating system. The Unix command line closely mirrors Linux, which I see as a huge benefit partly due to the vast community support you can find on websites such as

For Businesses and Other Uses

Windows are better to be used in businesses and office environments. There are numerous enterprise-level applications that are not available on Mac. Moreover, PC is popular because of the fantastic gaming experience it offers. You have the ability to build your computer from the ground up with a completely custom setup, whereas, a Mac comes already built and is not very customizable.  The Window PCs can have powerful graphics cards that will take your gaming to a whole new level and you can even overclock your PC to run at a higher rate than recommended. (Don’t do that unless you know what you are doing).


There are many PCs that are expensive, but Macs are far more expensive than them. Apple sells its product at a higher price to make them more desirable. Take an example of Ferrari, if Ferrari was cheap, it would not be so desirable. There are different models of PCs that are offered at various prices, ranging from affordable to expensive. So, this makes PC the right choice for you if you are on a budget. If you know how to build your own PC, or are willing to learn, you can save a good amount of cash building your own, as opposed to purchasing a pre-built Windows machine.


Mac is more secure than Windows as there few viruses that can cause harm to Mac. It is difficult to get a virus on the Mac. On the other hand, PCs have plenty of viruses, sometimes the virus protection is not enough to protect your information. The only reason for this is that most of the people use PCs making them an easy target. Therefore, new models of the Windows are known to be less susceptible to viruses.

Another thing to note: Macs are NOT immune to viruses as I have heard some people say before. That is completely false. The main reason Macs typically don’t get any viruses is because the people who create the viruses, create them to infect Windows PCs specifically because of the vast market share Windows has. Why would I create a virus that might affect a few million people when I can create one that may affect a billion people?

More Options

There are many different brands that offer Windows PC. This gives you a chance to choose from various brands and features. The most popular brands that offer Windows PC include Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Acer. They are available in numerous models that will suit everyone’s budget. Your only options with Mac are either buying an iMac (desktop computer), Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air.

Mac Users

The Mac is most commonly used by:

  • Technology startups and Silicon Valley companies
  • Lawyers and authors
  • Developers using non-Microsoft languages (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Front-end Developers
  • Accountants
  • Health industries
  • Real estate agents
  • Scientists
  • Retail stores

Window Users

The window users include:

  • IT professionals
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Home office users
  • Banks
  • Business owners
  • Microsoft Language Developers (C#, VB,, etc)
  • Gamers

The Difference Between Mac and Windows PC

When it comes to differences there are several differences in both the systems, from specifications to hardware to design. Here are few of the most prevalent differences.

Technical Specifications

One of the major difference between the Mac and Windows is in the specifications. Since Windows PC is manufactured by different brands the specifications can be similar or different from Mac. Mac is better than low-end PCs as Mac uses quality parts and is more expensive. Furthermore, Mac features a faster processor than their Window counterpart. However, Windows tend to have better USB ports, disk space, and RAM.  And if they aren’t better than the Mac, you can upgrade most things inside your Windows PC to make it better. You can easily upgrade your RAM in a Mac but not a lot else.

Apart from this, Mac has common connections and drives like SuperDrive, USB ports, FireWire, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, audio in and out. While PC features some additional connection and drives such as Blu-ray players, HDMI ports, touch screen and TV tuners.


The Design and style of the Apple Products are an integral part of the package. The products by Apple are considered to be of top-quality, the design is a part of that reputation. The functions of the products of Apple are amazing. This makes the product look good and encourages people to show it to people and promote their product.

Furthermore, it is not possible to sell a product solely based on its look. This is why along with good looks, Apple offers the great technology. It is one of the reasons why people pay so much for their products. Macs also hold their value for much longer than its Windows counterpart. On eBay, I recently sold an old white Macbook from 2008 for nearly $150. I give away or recycle my Windows PCs after a few years because they are barely worth anything. I could piece it out and sell the parts but that’s too much effort for the little return in my mind.


There is a debate about which is more user-friendly. Most of the people consider that Mac is more user-friendly because of its intuitive design. If you have used Windows all your life, you might have some trouble adjusting to the Mac setup initially, but after just a few days, it will come pretty easily. I know this from experience as I was a Windows user my entire life until 4 years ago. It only took maybe a week to get comfortable with the Mac.


Another difference between the Mac and Windows PC is in their maintenance. If your Mac needs to be repaired, you will have to consult a trained and experienced technician. This is because Mac is not very common. Mac doesn’t require a lot of repairs thanks to its design and layout. You may even have to go find an Apple store and take it there. Windows wins in that regard.

When you have a PC, anyone with little knowledge can fix it because of its standard design. The only problem is that it may require more repairs and updates. Sometimes, I have these ridiculously long Windows 10 updates that take 30mins – 1 hour when I can’t get any work done. That is a bit frustrating.

More Than Just Marketing

Everyone thinks that Apple is about the branding and marketing. This is true to some extent, but its products are also great. If the products of Apple were not as good they say, then the marketing efforts wouldn’t have worked.

It is no surprise that people buy Apple because of its marketing strategies. If the product wasn’t good, people would be shifting to Windows. We all know someone who has Mac and tells everyone about it. This is their way of promoting the product. If the Mac wasn’t good, people would not promote it.

Pros of Windows and Mac

Read further to know some of the pros of using Mac and Windows.

Pros of Mac

  • Mac has a built-in program that is called BootCamp. This enables you to install Windows on your Mac. The system of 2 operating system is easy on Mac in comparison to Windows. The switching between the systems is relatively easy. You could also use a 3rd party software like Parallels.
  • Mac is more innovative than PC when it comes to features and designs.
  • All the Macs have a sleek design that makes it appealing and attractive.
  • Less frequent crazy long updates
  • Less overall issues
  • It just seems to work, simply put.

Pros of Windows

  • Windows PC is easy to upgrade and configure. All the components of a PC can be upgraded or changed without any trouble. This gives you a lot of choices when it comes to ports, hard drives, cases, processors, and displays.
  • Windows PC has huge compatibility with all its previous versions. Even a 5-year-old PC can easily run the Windows 10.
  • Windows can be more powerful than Mac if you want it to be by upgrading certain parts.
  • Some software is Windows-only, so if you’re using a Mac, you will have to find an alternative in the Apple store, and it may be expensive.
  • Huge community of users if you need to solve problems.

Cons of Windows and Mac

Here are the cons of using Mac and Windows.

Cons of Mac

  • Mac is not available with a great graphics card; hence it is not optimal for gaming.
  • Cost of a new Mac is quite expensive for many people.
  • Cost of a used Mac is still quite expensive for many people.
  • Lack of ability to customize your Mac.
  • Some good software programs are built only for Windows.

Cons of Windows

  • The Windows PC is not capable of reading the hard drives that are Mac formatted unless you use a third-party
  • So many updates and security patches. Some might think that’s good because it stays up-to-date, but I just find it annoying.
  • Things go wrong a lot and require Googling for fixes or taking it to a repair shop.
  • Computers don’t hold their value very well.

In the end, it is up to you, you must assess which is a better choice depending on your requirements and needs. I have laid out the facts (and some personal opinions), so you won’t have any trouble deciding which the right choice is for you.  If you want to have a successful career as a graphic or web designer, developer, etc. shifting to Mac is likely the correct choice for you. Both the Windows PC and Mac can get the job done. The difference is they use diverse ways to complete the task.


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