What is a VPN? Benefits of Using a VPN

What is a VPN? Benefits of Using a VPN

Are you wondering why you should use a VPN? We all have heard of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), but there’s a chance you don’t exactly know what it is and don’t currently use one. VPN is a technology that is useful in creating a private network. The users are all connected to the network through an encrypted channel. It is has gained popularity rapidly due to its incomparable benefits in an interlinked world.

Kodi is all the rage right now, especially with people using Amazon Firesticks. In that application it is extremely important you stream anonymously to avoid any repercussions from the government/authorities. It seems ridiculous that our government always tells us what a free country we live in (USA here), yet we can’t stream shows and movies for free. Give me a break….

In today’s globalized world, there are many challenges and threats to your security and privacy. This concern has increased the usage of VPNs. Still, there are many people who are confused and reluctant to use VPNs. In this write-up, we will list the top reasons to use a VPN.

Before moving onto the benefits, you must know what a VPN is and how it works.

What is a VPN?

In simple words, a VPN is a solution that helps you have a secure connection to a public network. This technology helps you by making a private network on the public network that can be used only by you and others who subscribe to that particular VPN service. The service will have servers set up throughout the world. Your connection will run through that server and then go to your destination, so it looks like your traffic is coming from wherever that server is located. The network uses the protocols that provide privacy and authenticity of the information that goes through the VPN network.

In today’s digitalized world, security is on the top of everyone’s mind. The companies use VPN to send encrypted data in order to keep their information safe and protected. A VPN can protect your information on the internet just like the firewall keeps your information on a computer safe.

The businesses use VPN to get an access to the data centers that are located remotely. The individuals use the VPN network to encrypt their activities when they are using an open or public network.

How Does It Work?

VPN is easy and simple to use; all you have to do is start the VPN client on your PC. After launching it, you need to log in with your credentials and trusted keys with a remote server. Once it is verified, all of your communication is encrypted and secure from others.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using a VPN.

Is Using A VPN Legal?

Yes, using a VPN is most likely legal in your country. At the time of this writing, the only countries that consider VPNs illegal are Belarus, China, Iraq, Oman, Russia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. If you are not in one these 7 countries, I would highly recommend using a VPN to protect your anonymity.

Reasons Why You Should Use VPN

There are a plethora of benefits and advantages of using a VPN, with the most important ones being security and privacy.


In recent times, the most common concern on the top of the mind is the security. The world has become a global community and more interconnected. This has been beneficial for people all over the world, however, it has given rise to several threats as well. The moment you connect your mobile or desktop to the internet, you are being attacked by the numerous hackers, malicious programs and viruses. Along with this, the information you send can be changed at any point and intercepted.

Unfortunately, the security solutions like anti-viruses and firewall are not enough to keep your information safe. So, you have to get a solution that will secure your communication from others. This is where a VPN comes in handy. It secures the connection between you and the far away server that is an insecure connection. It is crucial for you to use VPN when you are connecting to an open network. You should consider all the networks as insecure because the information goes through various routers. It is possible that the hackers can easily attack any router and compromise the information channel.

In case your channel is compromised and you use a VPN, you will be not be harmed. This is because of VPN network will be encrypted that cannot be decrypted. The attacker can only see the obscure characters that go through your VPN and the hacker is not able to see the sources you go through.  As a result, your information can’t be changed or read, hence, your information is safe.

View Geo-restricted Content

Another benefit of using a VPN network is that it can enable you to gain access to geographically-restricted content. There are some applications and service providers that limit the access to their content based on the location (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc).

Check here if you’re wondering how to use a VPN for Netflix

Sometimes, the companies restrict the access of employees to some sites like Facebook. This leaves you no choice other than using a VPN. The VPN provider has many servers present in various regions. Your actual location is safe with the VPN provider and it lets you evade any location-based restriction. VPNs are used in countries where sites are restricted such as China. You can access any site as long as you are connected through a VPN.

Furthermore, you can use a VPN to restrict the access to a certain information that you cannot share with everyone. It will help you keep the data protected and safe. If you think authentication is enough to keep the sensitive information safe, then you are wrong. So, to keep your all information safe and get access sot limited resources, you need a VPN.

Tracker and Ad Blocker

There are some VPNs that have ad and tracking blockers built in that can help you see fewer ads. It is useful for you if you don’t like seeing the unwanted ads because you typed something wrong accidentally. There are many solutions for blocking these ads, the only problem is the hassles that come with them. You might have to change the configuration for every device separately. When you use VPN, you won’t have to deal with any of these problems. Hence, VPN is a wonderful solution to get rid of the ads.

Keep Privacy Intact

One of the biggest concerns for people is privacy. Once you are online, it is not difficult to identify who you are. This poses a huge threat to you as anyone, be it hackers or marketing company experts, can know your address, name, and location without any trouble. When you connect to the internet, your traces are easy to track like your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and IP address. These will provide your information easily. In order to keep you protected from such circumstances, you can’t rely on ISP.

The best solution to keep your information safe is by using a VPN. It will help you keep your information hidden. Whenever you will visit any site, it will use the IP address of the VPN provider. The use of VPNs has increased because of the rise of abuse of information. You should use VPN if you want to hide your identity, it is a good choice for political activists.

Furthermore, there are many technologies that can protect your information like web proxies. However, they are not as effective and efficient as the VPNs. The proxies are of no use when it comes to protecting your privacy. This is because the proxies will send your original IP address to the sites, hence, making it useless.

Enhanced Connection

There are times when your internet points (routers) are not ideal or the bandwidth are inadequate. This results in having a bad experience and slow browsing. It happens when you are trying to access international resources. In such situation, using a VPN is a good choice as it will connect to a local router. This router will further run through many other routers. The bandwidth available will be similar to the bandwidth between the VPN provider and your server.

There are some ISPs that distinguish between the local and international resources. When you use a VPN, you can get the bandwidth that will help you avoid such resources.

Get Cheap Flight Tickets

One of the main benefits of using a VPN is that you can use it to buy cheap flight tickets. The airline companies have different prices for all the countries. You can use VPN to buy the ticket at an affordable rate. All you have to do is search the country where the tickets are cheap and compare the cost of living. Then, you can connect through the VPN to buy the ticket at less price. Moreover, you can even use VPN for rental services as well.


Another benefit of using VPN is that it is affordable for everyone. You can get enhanced security and privacy without costing you an arm and a leg. Every money you spend on the VPN is worth the value as it is effective and reliable. There is no better way to get this much security and privacy for less.

Do Many Activities Locally

There are different types of VPN provides and not all the VPNs are the same. Some of the VPNs allow you to share information at a faster rate. It enables you to play games and many other activities as long they are located in the Local Area Network (LAN).

Port Forwarding

You can even use the VPN for port forwarding. In other words, this means that you can share resources like IP camera or web server with the world remotely. You can use the VPN, this will enable you to have an external IP address so your location can’t be tracked.

Cons of Using a VPN

The only real drawback in my eyes about using a VPN, is potential loss of speed. Because your traffic must route itself through a third-party server before getting to its final destination, there is naturally some speed loss. We aren’t talking going down dial-up speeds here or anything like that though, so don’t worry. At my home, I have a 50mb/s download and upload fiber connection. When I go through a VPN, my speed usually goes down to somewhere in the 20s, which is still plenty fast enough to stream Kodi on my Fire TV stick or Netflix HD.

Where you could potentially run into issues is if your connection starts at 10-20mb/s, you could potentially run into issues trying to stream HD content.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the fence of whether to sign up with some VPN service, just ask yourself: Do I want to potentially be arrested or fined for streaming free content? Do I like when my ISP collects data about me every time I use the internet and sell it to third-party services that spam you with garbage email and phone calls? Yes, Donald Trump reversed the law Obama put in place to prevent your Internet Service Provider from collecting data in the United States. (Thanks Trump). Do you want to be hacked when using public wifi?

If you answered no to any one of those questions, sign up for a VPN. It’s not that expensive. I mean, NordVPN has a deal right now that if you sign up for 3 years, it’s $2.75/month or 2 years, it is $3.29/month. Just use the coupon 3ydeal or 2YDeal2017. It really doesn’t get any more affordable than that out there. I know, I’ve checked. I personally use NordVPN and it works great. If you don’t want NordVPN, that’s fine, but please choose a different one. There are many out there, such as IPVanish, PureVPN, VyprVPN, VPNArea, just to name a few. NordVPN is the best bang for the buck though, in my opinion.

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